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Without good SEO (or PPC), your website is just another business card, Orlando SEO Expert

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Nick Chandra

I am Nick Chandra, the Orlando SEO expert for Higher Domain.

Why do I say that? Let me explain. Say you build a great looking website but then do nothing else. The chances are that your website will not appear on the front page of search engines. So now, you have to use other methods to direct customers to your site. Statistically around 75% of users do not scroll past the first page. If your site is on the third page, for instance, only 5% of users may go past the second page. Now your site is amongst other sites on the third page and the chances of anyone clicking your website are very minimal. 

This is where our Orlando SEO Services come in. We will strive to get you higher up in the SERPS so that you get real leads. 

But before I get to this, let’s look at the other statistics and what it means for your SEO strategy.

Top 10 SEO statistics in 2019

  • Google is the #1 site for organic search. It is responsible for almost 95% of the total traffic

If google is number 1 then should you ignore the rest of the engines? No you should not. All traffic is important; however, if you are trying to concentrate your efforts, then do so with Google as your top priority.

  • 75% searches do not go past 1st page

To have the best chance of capturing potential customers, your aim should be to land on the first page.

  • 50% of searches are 4 words or more

 This means that you concentrate on your main keywords but also on long-tail-keywords, otherwise you will be missing out on a lot of traffic.

  • Bounce rate doubles if a website takes more than 2 seconds to load

The solution is to optimize your code and scripts, compress your images, and enable cache. Why let customers get away?

  • 1st position on a search leads to a 35% click through rate both on mobile and desktop –

    That is a very important stat. The search term “SEO Orlando” has a search volume of 1300 a month-  that is potentially 450 visitors every month for that specific term! So not only should you aim for first page, your ultimate goal should be 1st position.

  •  Most marketing professionals want to increase their efforts on Search Engine Optimization

In other words, SEO experts are saying that their clients’ websites need more SEO work, as they have not been optimized to the full extent.

  •  If a website or brand appears more than once, 50% of users will click through

In order to get multiple positions on a page, you also need to do a number of things, such as PPC advertising.

  • The close rate of a SEO lead is more than 8 times than that of traditional advertising (such as print)

This means that a customer that came through your SEO efforts is most likely a hot lead and is ready to buy.

  • Search Engine Optimization generates more leads than any other forms of marketing for B2B companies

If you are a B2B company, do not ignore Search Engine Optimization. You could more than double your leads!

  • Almost 80% of users ignore paid advertising-

    This is certainly true for me. My brain tunes out all paid advertising. So should you ignore paid advertising? No, but concentrate your budget on SEO. Paid advertising has its place and I cover it in more detail here.


More about SEO

Every now and then, Google will make changes to its algorithm  Some changes are minor but some have a big impact on website SERPS (Search Engine Results Page). You have to be aware of these changes and adapt accordingly. But first, let’s look at a search result.

What do you see on a results page?

Orlando Dentist search

For for the search term “Miami Dentist”, we get this result. 

On the top of the result ,we would see the paid ads which I have not shown. 

Next we get the Local 3 pack result. Previously, a 7 pack result would have been seen but Google has now changed its algorithm to 3 pack, making it harder to be seen. 

Then, finally we have the Localized Organic results.

Now Google’s algorithm looks at over 1000 factors before it ranks you. Each factor has a level of importance and it is different for the 3 pack and the organic search. This now complicates things for SEO experts. Ideally, you want to be both in the 3 pack and the organic results to increase the chances of clicks to your webpage. 

How much should you spend on SEO Services?

Every business should have a budget for Search Engine Optimization. It is a must in this competitive online world. The question is how much should you spend. This depends on several factors.

  • The industry that are you in.
  • Who and where your target customers are.
  • The competitiveness of your keywords and how many are you targeting.
  • The changes that are required to your existing site. The optimization that is required.
  • Content writer to engagement.
  • Social media set up & maintenance.
  • Link building services.
  • Other services that may be need are Blog Posting, Article submission, Directory Submission, Social bookmarking, Press Releases, Video Creation, to name a few.

It is clear that there can be many variables in SEO service costs. 

Like most Orlando SEO companies, Higher Domain charges a monthly fee. It all starts with an audit of your website in order to check the strengths and weaknesses of your online presence. We will check your keywords( inc. long-tail-keywords),  backlinks, site structure and duplicate content issues and recommend the optimal solution.  Most good SEO companies will change a fee starting from $750/month; however, Higher Domain specializes in small Orlando businesses and will work within your budget depending on your needs. 

We always use white hat techniques. 

Looking for a good Orlando SEO company?

The four stages that you should be ideally looking for.

Orlando SEO more traffic



Orlando SEO more phone Calls



Orlando SEO more Sales




Orlando SEO more SEO Spend




Don't Fall for False Promises

There are many SEO companies out there promising things that they can not deliver. Stay away from anyone who says:

  • Free SEO after audit- This is simply not true. SEO takes time and effort and therefore costs money.
  • Overnight Rankings- Search Engine Optimization is a slow process and there is no such thing as overnight ranking. The truth is that it may take months to improve your ranking. 
  • Double Traffic- This is possible but it may take time to do so and it would depend on several factors
  • Instant leads and Sales – This is not possible with SEO. It is possible with SEM or paid advertising.
  • X Number of backlinks- Backlinks are difficult to get. At least good quality ones. Be wary of this. Buying links can get you into a lot of trouble in the long run. 
  • Any ROI projections- ROI is difficult to project- after all, you are closing on the lead

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