SEO or PPC or seo

Should I spend money on PPC or SEO?

This is a common question that we get asked. There is no simple answer as it is not black or white. If you read up on this you will have people on both sides of the fence. I have seen no answers that drill down to the business level.

Let’s start with the pro and cons of each method.

Advantages and Disadvantages 

Speed РPPC offers you instant results. But it will cost more and the moment you switch off the campaign everything stops. SEO on the other hand takes time. 

Conversion Rate – PPC offers a better conversion rate that SEO. Statistically 1.5x’s, however users are more likely to scroll down to organic listings and ignore paid ads.

Customisation of ads- Very easy to do with PPC. 

Costs- PPC advertising is expensive and if you are in the insurance, loans, mortgage or attorney fields then the costs are extremely high. 

What I mean about business level

What I mean about business level is this: If you have an established business and are looking to grow steadily then my suggestion is to do SEO only. Unless, of course you have a lot lot funds to allocate, then you can do both.

If you are in the start up stage then you should do both and if you had to pick only one then do PPC for now and when you do get established then switch to SEO. Remember SEO’s benefits over the longer term surpasses that of PPC in most cases.

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