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Last Updated April 29th, 2019

Higher Domain specializes in local SEO and Web Design in Orlando.  Building a website on your own can be a time consuming task. There are many drag and drop editors available through your hosting package that will enable you to launch a website in a matter of minutes. However, these are limited in many ways and this makes it difficult to design a good looking website.

Let Higher Domain design a professional website for your Orlando business.

Let us know what your needs are. We understand small businesses. We know what your pain points are. Our team has a business background and we can help you with your marketing efforts. Let your website be your best sales rep! We will analyze your industry and make recommendations. 

With Higher Domain, you can be up and running fast. 


Cost of Web Design in Orlando

We are often asked the question what is the cost of Web Design in Orlando. There is no easy answer here as it depends on several factors.

The size and complexity 

The size and complexity of the website architecture is probably the most important factor that governs the cost of website design. The cost of a simple 5 page website is not going to the the same as the cost of a 100 page site with all the bells and whistles.

Custom site layout

Every design starts with a template but if you want it to look a certain way, depending on your preference then this adds to the design costs. The greater the customization, the greater the cost.

Custom Programming

If you want certain features, such as membership functionality, calculator, booking engine, or image carousel, this requires a certain amount of development and testing.

Custom Images

You may want to have fancy images on your site to create your own unique look. These images may need to be purchased and edited using special software by a graphic designer, which will add to the development time.

Content Creation

If you have content already, then it may need refining so that it can be indexed easily by search engines. If you do not have content, then we will have a content writer write engaging articles for your audience which are SEO friendly. The size and number of pages you need to publish will impact the cost of development.

Number of Revisions

We allow two free revisions of your site. In our experience, 99% of the time, 1-2 design revisions are sufficient. More revisions will add to the overall costs. 

In 2019, out of all the web designers that listed their prices, we found the going rate for a modern small business website to be between $3000- 6000.  This could be much higher depending on the number of pages that are required amongst other factors mentioned above. 

Our web designs start at $500, so give us a call for a no obligation quote and a free initial consultation. 

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Additional Cost Considerations

Cost of a Domain name

If you do not have a Domain Name, then you will need to get one. Costs range from $10 and up. You may find that the name you are looking for is not available. Sometimes you can purchase names from aftermarket and auction sites. If you must have a particular domain name then be prepared to pay for it. They can cost thousands of dollars! 

You will also need to pay yearly to the registrant to keep the name. This is around $10 per year.

Logo Design

Adding a logo in png transparent format will really stand out and give a professional look to your site. Costs vary but expect to pay around $100.

Web Hosting

These costs are relatively standard at around $15 per month. You maybe able to find cheaper introductory rates but after the 1st year, the rates will generally go up

Back Up Fees

If you want to have an off-site back up in the event of a catastrophe relating to hardware failure, software failure, or user error which crashes your site and you want to quickly restore your site then there are companies out there that would maintain your site from $40/month and up. 

SSL Certification

You may need this certification for a number of reasons. Firstly, your site will be more secure as the data you are sending or receiving is encrypted. Even if you are not selling anything on the site, the practice of moving across to SSL is now becoming more standard. Right now, the certification has only a minor effect on your search ranking but in future it could have a major impact. If you do not do e-commerce on your site, get the affordable Domain Validation Certification which is issued almost immediately.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization 

SEO is crucial in getting your website visible- otherwise your website is just another business card. The cost of good SEO depends on several factors and can vary from $100/ month to thousands of dollar a month. Learn more about our SEO service by clicking this link. 

PPC Marketing

PPC is probably the fastest way to get traffic to your site but also the most expensive. This is essentially paid advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook and other such sites. Learn more about PPC here.

Type of businesses we cover in Orlando

We cover a wide business range including some of the following:-

Healthcare, Transportation, Business Services, Stores, Legal, Building & Construction, Food & Lodgings, Education, Repair Services, Outdoor Services, Accounting  and Personal Services.

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